I can feel your sadness
When we were talking about your teacher’s ill health
I felt upset too

You were sad because
Not only the mind of a great man’s fading
But also an interconnected knowing between you and him is dying

There is nothing we can do to change the fact
Yet I believe you can do a purposeful act
To add something meaningful in your life



Love changes people’s personality and reasonability

Love will make you unprecedentedly vulnerable

If you lucky enough

You will become extraordinary strong

Tomorrow will be the first day of my mphil studies at hku

I am quite nervous at the moment

As I think I need to be working very hard in the coming two years to gain my degree

I don’t know if I could make it

I wish I would do it as best as I could

I know very well that my performance will be influenced by relationship in case of it rocks

So, hopefully, everything would be alright then

Just returned from Cambodia yesterday’s mid-night

The trip was good

We have visited a few temples and places

The scenes are stunning

Especially the sunrise at the Angkor wat and the sunset on the floating village

last saturday, he was invited for giving a talk to a group of kids at a buddhist temple where he has been visiting for over 20 years

i was glad that he brought me there as i always wanted to visit this temple where he did his introspection

yesterday was my last working at HKU

i am released as my boss didn’t push me to do my research study rightaway

after finishing all the works on my last working day, i was visiting my brother, jason

he is running a small business selling taiwanese drinks in mongkok

his wife was helping him when she is free from work

I should not impose meanings on the things happened around me

I should not attach emotions on the people whom I don’t care

I should not grasp feelings of every moment that impress me

I should learn to detach my soul from my body

I should empty my mind to live the life anew

Very glad that we will have a trip in the summer holiday

I am thrilled at preparing this journey by searching the info, liaising with the travel agent, etc.

Since I have been so depressed for ages

Hum. . . I am wondering why I have so much pleasure in expecting this trip

Perhaps I really think that would be the only trip before my master graduation

Just watched a movie “up in the air” with him

He rented it from a video shop

I was so glad that he didn’t press the fastforward button when romantic scenes came out

The movie is not only a romance, but also delivers a message on how people live their lives

What’s more, George Clooney is really a handsome guy

it is the first time i am feeling liberated

perhaps i don’t feel bad after he told me that he will have dinner with someone else tonight

maybe my suspicion is too strong that he was meeting other women

it is unwise of keeping this mentality

so i am learning this  ;p

“the art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook” william james

is a place where i grown up

we will move to there in a month’s time

we just went to visit our new home today

the environment is nice

but it’s just a small flat which we cannot make big changes

and the accessibility is not so good

hope we can adapt ourselves to that new home soon